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Chris Cactus tagged me. I wrote this last night but didn’t get to post. So, yesterday here would mean Wednesday 9/21. Enjoy!

10 Years Ago:

1995 was possibly the best year of my life.

A freshman at USC, living in a suite with 7 other girls on the 3rd floor at Fluor Tower.

I was learning the way of the geek in the computer lab under the excellence guidance of the Frenchy; hanging out with my girls of “Sweet Suite” and forging a lifetime bond with Katie, Veronica, and Juliana; terrorizing our RA Tony and making that connection with Daddy Long Leg.

Trojan Pride would be take up 50% of my social life, obviously. You’ll find me selling t-shirts at the USC Helmet Cart by Tommy Trojan from 11-1 Monday-Thursday, eating either Carl’s Jr. chicken star or a Western Cheese Burger. This was also when I began to develop a crush on Joel. With this crew, I’d be doing crowd control at rally on Thursday nights, and marching into the stadium 2 hours before kick-off of all the home games to set up pom-poms and then screaming for almost 4 more hours for our team from the 50 yard line front row.

1995 was a good year for USC football under John Robinson. We won every game but 2 streaks–fucla and notre dame–and continued on to win the Rose Bowl. Anyway. I digress.

5 Years Ago:

I had Been dating Brandon for a few months then. This would be just about the time he tried to break up with me and I wouldn’t let him. LOL.

I was still living in my danky studio apartment on the 4th floor of a art-deco-ish brick building in Mid-Wilshire. Frenchy and ex-boyfriend 2 floors below. But of course, I was spending many nights and weekends at Brandon’s in Long Beach.

Marching onward with my masters at USC, this was the beginning of my second semester. Both of us were still working at HSX then, and we have just moved the office to West Hollywood. This was also pre-Cantor buy-out so we were riding the highest point of dot com era.

1 Year Ago:

You can read the rest of what’s going on from the September archive. But the highlights:

This time last year I was living in Long Beach, the same place where we are now, and toiling for a boutique political PR firm ran by truly evil people. I believe that was the middle of the great exodus. I held the first PR firm survivors BBQ then. I also made my first batch of Gotham BBQ Ribs (or as Brandon called it, Stinky Ribs), started in with jazz dance, of course, watched USC dominated the NCAA.

(Actually, Wednesday)

My coworker Celeste and I took my demi-boss Amy to lunch at the Palms Thai Restaurant. They’ve moved from their old spot to a roomier building about a mile down.

Yes, this is THE Palms with Thai Elvis. But we didn’t see him since it was lunch.

In order to free up the evening for some of us time (as in “not sitting in the same room doing 2 different things” time), I hurried home and tried to finish my Dreamweaver homework. Somehow about 2 hours later, I managed to reboot my way to finish my Dreamweaver homework which should’ve taken an hour or less to complete and upload. Damned video card. Brandon came to do a quick fix and the thing just gave up life and taking to looping the booting screen.

5 Songs I Know All the Words To

1. How do I live, Leanne Rimes :: My wedding song.
2. Losing, Oakley Boren :: My first real single. (No, Frenchy. The high school song doesn’t count!) I wrote the English version first then I put in Thai lyric to it too. I aimed for international rockstardom.
3. Desperado, the Eagles :: My favorite show piece.
4. Sweet Child of Mine, Gun N’ Roses :: My first encounter with the inner Axl. As it turns out, I can do a very good Axl “Aaaaooooow”.
5. You Oughtta Know, Alanis :: My first girl anthem memorized. Followed by I Will Survive, and a year later, Bitch.

5 Snacks

1. Cheez-its
2. Twix
3. Fuji apples
4. Ben & Jerry’s ice creams
5. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s caramel root tea soy latte

5 Things I’d Do With $100 Millions

1. Pay off debts of ours and our parents’.
2. Set up money for our parents to retire on.
3. Get us a home…well, a homebase for me.
4. Invest a hunk of $ so I can do whatever I want including traveling.
5. Set up a foundation to benefit all sorts of causes i.e. AIDS research, keeping Thai youngsters from forced prostitution, scholarship for Thai liberal arts students to study abroad, and, of course, $1M as promised to myself to give to USC Trojan Pride’s program. Oh yes. I have great plans for my money!

5 Places I Would Run Away to
…other than the nearest closet…

1. Home – Bangkok, Thailand
2. Red River, New Mexico
3. Chiang Mai, Thailand
4. Paris
5. Some island off of Krabi, Thailand.

5 Things I Would Never Wear
1. Dresses that can be described with the word “poofy”
2. Fluorescent color
3. Daisydukes
4. Thong bikini. Not in public anyway.
5. High heels. I can handle 3.5 inch chunky heel but not 1.5 inch pointy heel. Figured I’d break my own neck in anything stiletto like.

5 Favorite TV Shows

1. House MD
2. Stargate SG-1
3. Nip/Tuck
4. CSI
5. Firefly & Farscape for cancelled shows

5 Greatest Joys

1. Having a piano. Even if it’s a rental.
2. Living to the US
3. Visit home
4. Red River house and the cats
5. Brandon

5 Favorite Toys

1. Snoopy
2. My computer
3. Piano/Guitar
4. JumpDrive MP3 player
5. The kitchen — hours and hours of experiments and fun with food!

5 People I’m Taggin’

Whoever is reading and feeling like doing a meme. Go ahead! Let me know and I’ll link you.


  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Gotta admit, I’m a little dissappointed by the lack of Daisy Dukes but I’m intrigued by the single. Post it! Post it!

  2. OakMonster   •  

    Hahah. Gotta find the tape of the live debut recording first. Or maybe Frenchy can record me again. LOL!

    The studio recorded one was a project of a film student. It sounded good but there was no soul. The guy had me performed to an electronic metronome. I have the DAT from him somewhere too.

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