A-Z MeMe

Rachael tagged me on MySpace. Might as well post this here too. Anyone who’s reading this, YOU are tagged!

A – Age of your first meaningful kiss:
20. Yep. Late bloomer over here.

B – Band you are listening to right now:
No band really, but Jason Mraz. Been obsessing since I dreamed about him last week. LOL.

C – Crush:
Does Brad Pitt count?

D – Dad’s name:

E – Easiest person to talk to:
Brandon. Cheech. And my Snoopy.

F – Favorite ice cream:
Ben & Jerrry’s NY Fudge Chunk. And the evil Crunch-covered Bryer’s Dibs.

G – Gummy worms or Gummy bears?:

H – Hometown:
Bangkok, Thailand.

I – Instruments:
Piano. Guitar. 3 Thai classical instruments.

J – Junior High:
Mater Dei School, Bangkok.

K – Kids:
Don’t want ’em. Want kittens.

L – Longest car ride:
Road trip to Amarillo, Texas with my friend Jen and her family.

M – Mom’s name:

N – Nicknames:
Oh (real Thai nickname). Oaks. Oak. Oakmonster. Oakster (college).

O – One wish:
All debts disappear.

P – Phobia:
Lizards/Geckos. Falling/Height. Deep water.

Q – Quote:
A life lived in fear is a life half lived. Strictly Ballroom, baby!

R – Reasons to smile:
Brandon. Music. Cable modem. Roof over my head, food in the fridge, and wine on the shelf. Sunshine. Temperature above 70F. Cheap long distance phone card.

S – Scent:
Brandon’s shirt. Monsoon rain. Ocean mist. Thai jasmine. Cookies in the oven. Comforter/Snoopy after an hour in the sun.

T – Time you woke up today:
6:45 a.m.

U – Unknown fact about me:
My room back home is Pepto-Bismol pink. Still.

V – Vegetables you hate:
Nothing I really hate. Used to hate bell pepers but I’m okay with them now.

W – Worst luck with:
Finding good bras in the US and well-fitted pants in Thailand.

X – X-rays you’ve had:
Chest (lungs). Stomach (ulcers). Ankle.

Y – Years since you’ve been to church:
I’m Buddhist.

Z- Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.

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