Random Friday

1. It’s good to start the day with “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. Well, it’s especially grand when it’s the Spamalot! version.

2. Even though that is a great song to open the day with, but there is no other joy in my life right now that becoming a piano owner! Did I tell you that I’ve inherited a piano from our friend’s Aurora? Aurora’s sister and her mom are moving into a new house which is considerably smaller than the one they’re vacating. There’s no room for grandmother’s piano. So, as an early birthday + Christmas + future housewarming gift to me, they’re giving me the piano as long as I can move it out soon! No more rental piano. Ever!

3. We just realized that our department has become an infirmary. Tiffany just returned from being out with a nasty cold still stuffy. Celeste is still out with the spider bite that got infected and turned into cellulitus (loooooooong story). And me with my defunct eyes. My follow up appointment is Monday. I’m still blurry through the day but not as bad as before. I can’t wait to see clearly again!

4. I’m getting a new direct boss! The brand new director of marketing starts in a few weeks! So I will now have the uberboss Steve, demiboss Amy, and a boss. 🙂

5. Silent birth?? WTF?? This would be as good time as any to get off the Cruise’s crazy train, Katie. No screaming nor drugs during childbirth? Fuck that. Shoot me, and C-section out the kid. Sheesh.

6. Scorpios are passionate people. And we can get emotional because of that passion. So, I’m passionate about making music, writing, dancing, and all that even though I’m not very good at it. So I’d start to get jealous of people who are good at it, but then again, the optimist in me kicks in. I believe in the goodness of people. I realize there is no reason to be jealous of them. The problem is not them, it’s me. So I turn right around and hate myself for not having the talent like other people. Yeah. I hate myself for not being able to learn bar chords, for not being able to read music very well, for not having the wordsmithing skills of Jason Mraz nor the sharp wits of Rude Cactus, for not having the personality that transfer into my writing like Amy Silver Girl, for not pocssing the geek knowledge like Frenchy, for not being able to write original songs any more…. And worse, for not having my sight. And then, that goes with my hating myself for being able to see better than Jessica Callahan and I’m here bitching about not being able to see. I really don’t like me today.

7. On that note, I will resurrect my 1994-1995 show piece inspired by Dr. Peppers commercial: Meatloaf’s creation “I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that)”. This time, I’ll learn the vocal too.

I’m sure there’ll be more randomness through out today so I’ll keep updating.

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  1. trangam   •  

    Bad Girl! I will complain to Richard that you use 4-letter words when you are away from Thai-blogs! LOl!

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