One for my baby

I don’t remember the first song I’ve played in the Lowrey but I’m pretty sure it was “And so it goes”. So that was the first song I play tonight. And, of course, we ended with the Looney Tunes theme.

I can’t believe I’m crying.

I’m not only parting ways with the piano, but a few other stuffed animals as well. I have about a dozen of them on the piano so I decided on donating some of them.

That may be worse than actually parting ways with the piano. At least one of them I hauled from home, the Beethoven puppy. I am sure some children somewhere would enjoy these guys more than I could ever do again.

I can’t believe I’m crying over that too.

Imagine what a mess I’d be in when I returned to Thailand to donate the rest of those guys in my room. I kid you not, I probably have almost a hundred stuffed animals and dolls. And there are less than 10 here that I put into a bag tonight!

Do you know that I cried every single time I watched Toy Story 2 when Jessie tells her story? I even got the music for “When She Loves Me” and I can’t even sing it.

Tonight, it’s like another passage into becoming an adult. Say goodbye to stuffed toys and rental piano. Saying hello to being a piano owner with fewer stuffed toys in the audience.

Growing pain. No kidding. I hate being an adult sometimes…

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