1. Daniel Craig as James Bond? I don’t fricking think so. This guy doesn’t ooze sexiness like Brosnan or Connery, but gives out slimy-smarmy vibe. My pick: Gerard Butler. Smoldering wiley hotness!

2. If I haven’t mentioned, I’m still “blind”. First, the ophthalmologist. Eyes are wetter since the plugs. He measured me for glasses and determined that the glasses prescribed to me a month ago was too weak. WTF? That chick told me my original prescription was too strong! Anyhoo. So doc sent me to the optometrist he trusts. The new optometrist first declared my eyes may still be too dry for contacts, plus she also measured me for glasses and got a completely different prescription from my ophthalmologist who just did in over 24 hours ago. Something is *still* going on with my eyeballs apparently. So, another month of drops plus supplement pills for dry eyes (flaxseed oil, fish oil and vitamin E) and, glasses. If my eyes aren’t much wetter by then, we’ll be going on a 3-6 month journey with Restasis for therapy.

3. Go TROJANS. Kick the crap out of neutered dame this weekend!! And Pete. No video replay. Dude. You’ve got balls.

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