Crazy yo

Today has been one heck of a day. Up at 4:45 AM to wash my hair, and catch the train to get to the office by 6:30. I had to set up the projector for the board meeting…and then unexpectedly again for another meeting next door in a mad rush (and it didn’t even work!). More work up until 12:30 when I took a break to go inhale my lunch just to get back to help set up the company birthday party (and I didn’t even get piece of cake!) AND the proejector for a meeting to preview the prototype of our new website where the beam until the table and my head made quite good acquiantance. Then I rushed out of that to try to put something on the web, but didn’t quite make it as I was trying to limit my OT. I scrambled for other things up until the minute my big boss walked out the office with me in tow at 3:30. You see, he was going to a meeting in Long Beach, and I was heading that way. It’s wonderful to be a carpool buddy for somebody sometime!

Anyhoo. I’m home. And I want to recap the blog-tastic day that was yesterday and a little bit of today. …Okay. Most of this is probably not funny now. But at the moment, it was REALLY funny.

Blogtastic #1

2 co-workers answered in perfect unison to the question “And what do you get when you assume?”. (For those who don’t know – you make an ASS out of U and ME. Get it?) Jinx!

Blogtastic #2

Coworker: Oakley, can you do this for me?
Me: Okee dokey.
Coworker: No! You have to say Oakley Dokley!

Blogtastic #3

There was a movie shoot in our area when me and Celeste left work at 7:30 p.m. last night. Downtown LA was transformed into Shanghai with all the signs and other set dressings. (The rumor has it they’re shooting Mission Impossible 3.) We were escorted to the parking structure by a film crew. The stairways were locked from the inside for some stupid reasons so we had to exit the building and looped back up around again. We finally found the elevator.

Me: What did that security guy ask you before we get in here?
Celeste: He asked if we are the movie crew.
Me: Pssshya. Yeah. We’re the movie crew for “Dude, where’s my car?”

Blogtastic #4

Celeste: (As we were leaving the parking lot) Gosh, look at how late we’re leaving.
Me: Well, tomorrow we can tell everyone that we left work so late we end up in China.

Blogtastic #5

Witnessed this in the elevator.

Girl 1: So what do you think that dude is doing in there all day if nothing seems to get done around here?
Girl 2: I don’t know, jacking off to the internet or something.
Girl 3: For him, he’s doing this. (She held her finger and thumb together as if she’s holding an invisible pea–or “I will squish you like a bug”–and then moved her hand in the up and down motion.)

I didn’t think those ladies and I were coming out of that elevator alive we were laughing so hard.

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