Scary Sixteenth

This November 16th is going to be the craziest day of my life.

Why? Read on.

So, the gala award dinner event is done. Finito. Will talk about that later. Gotta let that sink in a bit.

And now, the new deadline for new website launch of the 14th. I’ve sifted through the Beta site today, and I’ve grown to REALLY hate my eyes. I can surely point out the structure and inconsistency, but I sure as hell can’t help my new boss, who will now be known as the Marketing Ninja, proof-read the site. Hell, 5 is 6, and 6 is 8…or is that a B? R is S…or maybe that’s a B?

Next week is my follow up appointment with the optometrist. Hopefully, we’ll have some results. And pray to Buddha, I don’t have to go on the Restasis thing.

And the ideal deadline for the company newsletter is to go to the printer by the 9th. Perhaps we may move that deadline to December to accommodate the new website launch date.

So, the 16th is the craziest day because:

  1. Board meeting. Meaning, I’ll have to be in Downtown LA by 6:30 a.m. and would have stayed until 7 p.m. the night before prepping for it. Wake up at 5:30 a.m. and going to work in a suit is not my most favorite thing.
  2. We’d probably be announcing the new website (and maybe releasing our newsletter) to the board. I’d better not goof.
  3. I’d have to not only haul myself to town at the crack of dawn, but also some yummy Thai food as well. It’s been decided today that we’re going to resurrect the Thanksgiving potluck tradition…since we’ve reinstated the monthly birthday party already. But it’s going to be an Internationl potluck rolled rolled in with November birthday party. The company provides dessert, of course.
  4. The 16th is a full moon night which is also Thailand’s Loy Kratong festival. (Read my friend Wit’s blog entry on Loy Kratong in DC so I don’t have to explain too much right now.) Brandon and I planned to go float our own little kratong in Belmont Shore that evening…which means I’d also have to make the kratong for that.
  5. It’s my 29th birthday.

Yeah. Scary.


  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Scary, yes. But you rock and so will the 16th 🙂

  2. Amazing Amy   •  

    29?! how can that be, my young friend?! lol

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