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I heard Phil Collins’ One More Night for the first time in a long, long time last night on VH1 I Love the 80’s 3D–which, by the way, is how I can catch up with everyone else to the 80’s references since I wasn’t here then and Thailand at the time was about 5 years behind trends-wise. That inspires me to start this blog even though I’m dead tired and my eyes are blurry. But damn it, I just have to get this out.

It seems that with almost all of the boys I’ve encountered romantically (see 10 Guys in 20 Lines), unrequitted or otherwise, I have a song that will forever remind me of them.

Gian :: One More Night, Phil Collins
The only time we hung out alone together was at a Rocky Cola Cafe. It wasn’t a date. He lost a card game, and the loser was to treat others for cheesecake. Everyone else conveniently bailed. So, it was me and Gian, splitting a cheesecake, and One More Night came on. It was one of the songs in the jukebox. So we spent another hour feeding the jukebox, hoping to hear One More Night one more time. Different reason for him why he likes that song. Me, it was obvious.

Marce :: Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion
Our first and only official date was to see “Up Close & Personal”. And that was the movie theme.

Bruce :: Fallen, Lauren Wood (from Pretty Woman)
After I told Bruce at his going-away-to-college party that I’d had a crush on him all summer, he hugged me and told me that I should’ve said something sooner. Apparently, he liked me too! Not that anything would work out since he was going to some college up north. Yep. Another missed opportunity brought to you by the insecure Oakley of the Past. Anyhoo. I got back in my car, and the stereo came on playing “Fallen”.

Are you seeing the trend here of “the sign” being sent through the radio? Well, you ain’t see nothing yet.

Kit :: It Might Be You, Stephen Bishop (from Tootsie)
Similar situation to Bruce here. One night after hanging out with him until 3 a.m., thinking, man, I like this guy. A lot. Sure enough, this came over the radio as I started to drive home. Soon after that, I asked him out. And we were together 3 years.

Brandon :: I Knew I Love You, Savage Garden
Another 3 a.m. drive when this song came on. Only this time it was Brandon who was driving. I had grad school homework to do and since I don’t have a computer then, I was doing it at HSX when we were still in Santa Monica. Brandon happened to be working on the servers late that night as well, so he offered to drive me home since I had no car. The server ended up taking him until 3 a.m. which gave me time to finish polishing up my paper as well. So. During one of the quiet moment in the car, the song came up. Sure enough, I took that as a sign. Sure enough, I asked him out. And the rest is history.

I have a lot more songs that remind me of certain events. I’m sure everyone has those too. Probably should talk about it in the next post or something.

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