Trick or wine!

It’s fun to have someone drive you around, trick or treating for wine. 🙂

Brandon, our friend Lee, and I have been out visiting our friends in our costumes. (Picture coming soon). Us, the crew of the Firefly class ship Serenity. Brandon = Jayne the mercenary. Lee = Kaylee the mechanic. Oakley = Inara the space whore…I meant, companion.

In our make shift “Serenity”–otherwise known as the Hyundai Santa Fe who shall remain nameless–we drove from a friend’s house to another friend’s house, soliciting company. But we ended up with a few glasses of wine and port along the way.

Thanks, Paul & Lupe! Thanks, James & Aurora!

Lush Halloween, y’all. This is the way adults do Halloween. ONLY when you have a designated driver. 🙂

On a side note: only 3 of us dressed up at work today. Celeste got into the spirit and showed up in all black so she could donn the sequinned devil’s horn, tail, and pitch fork I lended her. Rick put his “This IS my costume” t-shirt over his standard polo and slacks. And there was me in my full vampiress glory. I saw 3 more people in costumes in Downtown LA. A guy with scary skeleton mask, green & bloodied jumpsuit, and clown wig crossing 5th Street. A guy with skull paintjob on his face sitting by Koo Koo Roo on Fig. And a super Trojan fan lady in football jersey and some kind of Trojans + interlocked SC cardinal cape.

Fun. Fun. FUN!

And buzzed. buzzed. Buzzed.

With all the make-up I’ve put on my face these past two weeks, my face is going crazy. You see, I wear NO make-up except special occasions. But we had the Eddy last Monday, and Halloween today which I did a make up trial run on Sunday. So, my face is freaking out. I have a zit on the lashline of my right eyelid. What the hell…!?!

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Trick or Wine is an awesome idea. Until you get busted for serving alcohol to minors. But its better than Trick or Hookers.

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