Saturday Full of Stuff

The Football

Truely, this year USC Trojan Football is IT! It’s a little scary how we’d go up against Texas at the Rose Bowl next year. (Hehe. Nope. Not cocky at all.)

But here’s a few random Trojan things.

You know you’re in deep in the Trojans spirit when…

  1. You keep going back to an ophthalmologist outside of your health plan network because he’s a Trojan. Well, that’s not all there is. He’s also the doctor I trust with my sight.
  2. Your boss is willing to hand over to you the much covetted Matt Leinart signed football helmet if USC gets the 3-peat. In exchange, I’ll bring Thai food for a department lunch.
  3. Your fellow alum/coworker texted you at 10:30 to ask you about the game time.
  4. You plan your errand route which started right at the moment the teams left the field for half time, and come home to turn the TV back on 5 minutes before they start back up. I walked to the Toyota dealership 2 blocks down to pick up my car, got grocery, unloaded the car, took out grocery, and picked up the mail. All under 30 minutes.
  5. Amy Silver Girl called me from her vacation in the Caribbean on her cell phone to ask for the score. (It’s 35-10 USC kicked Cal Bear’s ass, by the way.) Now THAT’s dedication.

The Car

Merlin, my blue 1996 Toyota Corolla (aka Thai taxi cabbie’s choice) is about 2,000 miles shy of turning 90K. And I had a day off yesterday so I took him in for the oil change and the major work.

Other than replacing the timing belt, which we knew was coming because it was long overdue, there was the brakes. It all came down to just under $700. But this also means Merlin is going live for another 10 years. No problem. Not too bad for a car that has been banged up all over the place.

The Room

I’ve recently sold the full-size guest bed. Formerly my bed from the old LA apartment. Since Brandon and I will be moving in February when our lease is up, we decided to get rid of it. We’re planning to get rid of the couch as well. (Anyone want a queen-size sofa bed–the bed part doesn’t function very well, but it is fine as a couch–let me know.) I bought a camping air mattress as a back up today. Along with a small, plastic file cabinet.

So my room/office has been redecorated in a way. Instead of the bed, I threw down a blanket and all the pillows left from the bed as a lounge area, where I can sit and play my guitar if I want to. Everything else gets redistributed around the room. The computer desk stays where it is, at the opposite corner to the piano.

This room starts to look at LOT like my studio apartment. LOL.

The Package

The care package to Air Force Amy is finished. I’m waiting for some letters to be included in the pack and will ship it off by Tuesday. Do you have any message for our brave soldiers in Iraq? Leave a post here and I’ll include your message into the package as well.

And THAT will be my charity contribution for the holidays. 🙂

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  1. Amazing Amy   •  

    I knew I could count on you to answer the phone and give me the score but BOY did I get harassed for being so concerned about it! ha ha ha

    And Happy Belated Birthday!

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