Days gone by

Well, I’m nearing my usual goal of getting all Christmas shopping and gift picking done by the end of November. Technically, we’ve shopped for this year in Thailand last year for most people.

(Demi-Boss, if you’re reading, that’s MY time/money saving tip!)

And I’ve decided this year that I will bake. Or make homemade mixed nuts. Bought this big ol’ pack of plain white Chinese take-out cartons from Smarts & Final for $7 that I can pack my baked goodies in for people for every occasion. Now I just have to decide on the menu…

Oh crap! I still have to bake for Celeste and Nancy for AIDS Walk. EEEEK!

Anyways. I also have to make the kratong for Loy Kratong Day on Wednesday night. AND do my Flash homework. AND all sorts of other things.

Just not enough hours in a day, I tell you. Not enough.

And someone asked me when do I have time to do all that and blog. Well, you guys are lucky I procrastinate on my other duties. 😉

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Christmas shopping already? Sheesh, you plan ahead!!

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