Operation Jingle All the Way

I’m at it again with putting together a care package for my friend Air Force Amy. Amy has sent a list which include items that her fellow soldiers have also requested, as well as a list of goodies to be given to children in the communities that Amy works with.

I hope to get the package in the mail by Friday, December 9 which would put the package to them pretty close to Christmas if not a few days later.

Here’s how you kind folks online can help.

Item Contribution: If you’re local to Downtown LA/Long Beach, please leave a message here or email me at lesserweevils@borenconsulting.com to arrange a drop off (Downtown LA & Long Beach) or a pick up (Long Beach only).

Monetary Contribution: Don’t have time to go shop? I will shop for you! The monetary contribution will be used to buy more stuff from the wish list and/or he help us with shipping cost if the Op is too successful for my own budget. 🙂 Click the button below to donate via PayPal. (Yes, you can use your credit card.)

Letter from Home: We’d also take email and message of support. Either post it here, or email it to me. I will include them with the package. You know the soldiers would appreciate that as much as anything else!


  1. Trail mix
  2. Dried fruit
  3. Nuts (mixed or honey roasted)
  4. Pretzels
  5. Turkey jerky
  6. Gummi bears/worms
  7. Gum drops
  8. Trident Original flavor gum
  9. Lifesaver Wintogreen mints
  10. Fun size chocolates i.e. bite size snickers/3 musketeers/milkyway – Amy said that the weather this time of year is mild enough for the chocolate candies to be safe in the desert. Besides, you know the lady officers are dying for some treats! 🙂
  11. Handwipes (like WetOnes or something of the sort)
  12. Old books/magazines/VHS tapes and DVDs you don’t want anymore – They are trying to start a library here at the military camp.
  13. Stuffed animals/toys – Amy can take those on a civil affairs or humanitarian mission to a local town
  14. Ground coffee – Amy said a little starbucks, diedrich’s, or local coffee shop would be awesome- beats the “battery acid” they serve there!
  15. AT&T phone cards
  16. Homemade treats.


* Oakley’s famous cookies
* All sorts of Fruits & Nuts trail mix
* Assorted chewing gum
* Old issues of Maxim
* Soap
* Coffee (we have one entry of vanilla flavored)
* Santa hats
* A few mini boxes of See’s Candies

Thank you for your support in any shape or form!

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