When a gag gift gone bad?

Your friend since high school finally has a steady boyfriend after many years of dry spell. The boyfriend is also a friend from the same circle which you know quite well. So, for Christmas, you decided on getting them a half-gag, half-real gift.

The present for Girl and Boy: gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret.
The present for Boy: a disposable camera.

You think the Girl and the Boy would laugh their asses off when they open this together.

Given, you bought their Christmas present before you knew they were moving in together early next year. Given also, you insist that they open the gift together but did not counting on them opening it in front of her parents.

Yeah…you see what’s coming up next?

Today, the Girl asked if this would appropriate to open the gift with the Boy and her parents on Christmas morning. You decided and she agreed that no it wouldn’t be appropriate. After a back and forth correspondence through out the day, she finally said because her dad insisted on taking the present to their house, she decided to just open it then and get over with the uncertainty.

She told you she finds the present offensive, but don’t worry about it.

Now, what do you do?

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Sounds like a great, funny combo to me. I wouldn’t sweat it. They’ll laugh eventually.

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