Coughing In the New Year

Oh yes, 2006 is welcomed by my coughs. A lot of it.

As it turned out, the fever+tiredness+cough brand of cold from 2 weeks ago blossomed into a full blown head and chest cold on Wednesday. My body just gave up the fight altogether it seemed. I started sneezing and my nose got stuffy, and by the evening I was down with a fever.

So I took Thursday off. Plenty of sleep and fluids didn’t do much as I continued to have fever through the night. So Friday I called in sick too. The nose started to clear and the coughs that didn’t quite go away in the first place came back.

Yep. It was looking up to be a wonderful year.

We originally planned to go see Morgan Claire yesterday, but because I’m still sick–and Le Yen’s was closed–we didn’t make it out to Norco again.

Pretty much I haven’t left my apartment since Thursday morning when I dragged myself to the grocery store to get medicine and some food until last night. We went to Paul & Lupe’s house for new year’s eve. Just the core of Brandon’s gang. It was quite fun.

My dad called us on Saturday morning to wish us happy new year as it was already new year their time. Me with my fever and keeping Brandon up half the night, we didn’t wake up until 11.

Everyone’s doing fine. My mom didn’t go up north as planned because she too has a cold. And Bangkok was hit by the “cold front”, dipping into the low 70s, which would put the north in high 60s. And that’s super brrrrr for us Thais. She’s going in for biopsy on Tuesday. The American doctors want to make sure the cancer in her liver is really metastatic before sending in the chemo.

On that same cancer note, while I was sick, I was contacted by the National Marrow Donor Program that I maybe a possible match for a 31-year-old with leukemia. Hopefully, I could be of service.

Brandon was amazed at my enthusiasm to face the giant needle up my spine. Yes. I *am* a pain wuss. I hate pain. But to save someone’s life, since I can’t run out there to fight in a war, donate gazillion dollars or even a pint of my blood–this is the least I could do.

Not to mention that I could use the good karma to help my mom.

So there you go. A week mixed with the bads and the goods that leads up to this marvelous new year day full of warmth (Brandon’s gift to me is keeping the house at 70F), food (a trip out to Pick Up Stix proved to be a perfect solution for our rice craving), and love.

Happy New Year!

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