Give you my tired

Blog, oh blog. Hear my rant. Take my stress and make it better.

  • My work’s new page is due to launch over the weekend.
  • My work’s big event must be planned out so I can leave to my Thailand trip.
  • We must find a place to live by the end of the month.
  • We must start packing.
  • We must make sure all the credit cards are in order for us to put on our move expense.
  • The move plan must be 80% in place before I leave at the end of this month.
  • Shane’s website must be built before I leave…at least I must have the general design and layout down.
  • I must get the logos for Shane’s gym approved so I can move forward in building his page.
  • I must get the structure of website designed, ready for further improvement.
  • I must get ready to go home, meaning I need to buy a dress, and sneaking to pharmacy all over the area to buy massive amount of Tylenol Allergy Complete for my dad. (You can only buy 2 boxes at a time now. Damn meth lab people!)

I couldn’t sleep last night because of all of this. Not to mention that I’ve been sick all week and got absolutely nothing done.

This is going to be a fun January.

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