Aw…crap Part II

My worst fear was confirmed. Mom’s metastatic lung cancer has reached her brain. 2 lesions and a possible tumor.

It drives me CRAZY how they didn’t put her on chemo or radiation the first time around. Even worse, when they found the one in her liver, they dragged her on without putting her on chemo right away.

From my research, I told my dad to make damn sure they scan her brain. They weren’t going to do it but the US doctor they’re working with made them do so yesterday.

Not to put down the whole doctor profession of Thailand, but WHAT GOOD ARE YOU if I can actually diagnose my mom better by doing research on the internet???

Not sure what else I could do from here but pray.


  1. Amazing Amy   •  

    Aww Oakz, I’m so sorry to hear that. Your Mom is in my prayers.

  2. Chris Holland   •  

    ugh so sorry to hear, Oakz 🙁 big hugz to you.

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