Friday 13th De-Lurking

De-lurking alert!

So you’ve been lurking around my blog for a while but never show yourself. Today’s the day! Leave your mark by posting a comment, sharing your Friday 13th horror story.

Here’s mine.

We suspected that the apartment maintenance guy stole our cash.

Wednesday night was the last time we both touched our cash depository. There was quite a bit of money left in it.

Thursday evening, Brandon came home to find the security door unlocked. So he checked with management and yes indeed they had sent up the maintenance guy to fix the problem Brandon had requested during the day. The problem was indeed fixed.

This morning, Brandon went to the box to get some cash out, and found only President Jackson sitting there. Apparently, the Benjamins have walked off with someone else between Wednesday night and Friday morning.

Gee. Where could they possibly go?

Apartment management flatly told us to file a police report as they can’t do anything about it. They won’t even hear a word that their staff could be a suspect. Having watched enough CSI, Brandon bagged the box and took them to Long Beach finest to file a report. Surely, if there are only B and I in the house and only two of us have access to the box, there shouldn’t be the 3rd set of prints. The PD told him that they’re not going to dust this for petty theft of a few hundred dollars.

And finally, our renter’s insurance’s dedutible is more than what we’ve lost.

I’m tempted to just dust the box myself. You know, I was getting pretty good at dusting our glass dining table for prints with my mom’s loose powder and dad’s dusting camera brush (very fine brush with a rubber pump thing on the end…so you can gently brush and blow the dust of your lense) when I was 9 or 10. One of my “Fun with Science” book taught me that. And how to make butter with buttermilk and a mason jar. And how to make a solar stove with cardboard and aluminum foil…

So, there you go, mom and dad. Your Christmas gift to us ia actually being enjoyed by someone else.

What’s your Friday 13th horror story?

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