Weekend Funnies

A few laugh out loud conversations we had this weekend that had me screaming, “I’ve GOT to blog this one!”

First, Saturday night. We went to dinner with Brandon’s best friend Justin and his wife Olaina at a sushi joint in San Diego. Both B and I are on County holiday schedule (and yes I’m enjoying my day off) so we were talking about the joy of having all these holidays off.

Brandon started his rant, “At some point, the County was talking about taking some of these holidays away. Man, you should’ve seen the reactions from some of the county employees. It was like asking to cut off their big toes. Blah blah blah blah…”

I didn’t remember what Brandon said after “their big toes” because I was busy trying not to spray half-chewed sushi across the table from laughing. I looked at Olaina and she was doing the same thing.

You see, when Justin was in the Marine Corps, there was a training accident which left Justin with no toes on one of his foot.

Olaina and I, our hands on our mouths, laughing hard and trying not to choke on our mouthful of food, kept looking back and fourth at Brandon and Justin who seemed to be 100% engaged in Brandon’s little rant. A few seconds later, Justin couldn’t hold his giggles either.

. . .

Last night, Brandon was still reading his book as I was getting comfy to go to sleep.

Me: So, tomorrow morning, if I wake up first, I’ll wake you up? *wink*wink*

B: Yeah. You can start my day off right. *wink*wink*

Me: Okay. And of course, if you wake up first, just leave me the hell alone okay?

(a pause)

B: *giggles* You’re such a bitch sometimes.

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  1. mikenan   •  

    I love you anecdotes, especially the second one… because it’s soooo true! If I wake up first, I’ll wake Mike up and if he wakes up first and he wakes me up, I’ll be grumpy all day.


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