Briefly before I go *snap!*

Yesterday, we celebrated the first meeting of 2006 for my office’s Alcoholic Unanimous group. Pretty much me and a few other coworkers conjured up a core group to drag everyone with us for a monthly happy hour outting.

Today, we celebrated the first meeting of 2006 for our girl’s night out dinner. That’s me and 5 other girls who have all become friends through our husbands/boyfriend.

Today, also, I just finished an apartment application for a place in Los Alamitos. Also, signed the 30-day notice to our current landlord. There’s a good chance we’d have to eat next month’s rent just to make sure we get this apartment. We love the area. Brandon likes the place. The only obstacle is mounting up to be that there may not be a way to get the piano into the apartment through the stairs. But the window looks quite big and is over the garage. Hmm….

Okay. That’s it. I’m the biggest stress case. Leaving here in 5 days.

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