Misery loves me

Got 2 words for you.

Staph infection.

And I got it. All over my butt.

Saturday evening. Brandon noted that it seemed I had been bitten on a butt cheek by a bug. Entirely possible and happened before. Could be bugs on the couch. No problem.

Sunday evening. A few more dots appear. Still, I’ve been on the couch a bit. Damn flea-ridden hand-me-down loveseat. Then again, it came from a catlover household.

Monday evening. I heard this.

“Holy shit, babe! That couch is eating you alive!”

My derrier is covered entirely by scattered red dots, some bigger than others. A few dots could also be found on my legs.

Still thinking they’re possible flea bites from the couch. Brandon applied cortisone cream and we went to bed.

Tuesday morning. 3 dots appeared on my left arm.

I went to my doctor that morning. She said it’s staph infection on the skin. I’ve been prescribe 2 antibiotics and limit skin-to-skin contact.

So I missed going to the Lakers game last night…with the entire staff (no execs) in the fully stocked with food and booze executive suite courtesy of our company’s patron.

And here I am, gingerly sitting at my desk as some of those bumps hurt like son of a bitch, and scared to touch anyone.

Thank god for the internet, eh? 😉

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