Newer Addictions

#1 Again, Lost

We’re now starting obsessed with the show. Trying like hell to catch up with first season–we watched disc 2 last night–and avoiding spoilers like a plague. Daniel Dae Kim was on KROQ this morning. I had to turn off the radio. LOL.

#2 OCTA express bus 701

The bus that takes the OC residents to their work downtown LA. I don’t have to drive any more, just walk a few blocks to get on. On the way home, I get dropped off a block from my apartment. Love it!

#3 The quiet, very productive 30 minutes before everyone else gets into the office.

Ah…all quiet on the office front between 8:00 and 8:30. The OCTA bus gets me here around 7:45 actually. This morning I get some decaf latter and mosey in and was hugely productive. See? This is when the Cave Oak comes out to enjoy the solitude. 🙂

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