The Sweetest Thing

A quote from this morning’s “Weird News” story about a cat who stowed away on a fertilizer truck through US-Canada border:

“She’s the sweetest illegal immigrant we’ve ever met.”

That reminds me of my high school year book where Don Culkins wrote:

“You’re the best import ever.”

Yes. Some dude really did write that. LOL.

Don and I hung out during the musical production of “Carousel” where I was working as crew and he was one of the non-theater guys that got dragged into the show as chorus by other friends. We weren’t close but, as high school theater participants know, we bonded somehow through all the bonding exercise they did during the show…crew included. So, we had our moments. Don gave the most bone crushing hugs. Ever. And gave the best back rubs. Ever. Dude’s alright.

After a few months in college, I started my trek down the geek path and I started up a web page. Mind you, this was 1995, before the internet was popular. One day, I opened my mailbox to find an email from Don. An army solider, he was stationed somewhere, was bored, and somehow found my web page so he dropped in to say hi.

Don is still in army and last I heard was on duty in Iraq. His family go to the same church as my best friend Nora, and that is how we heard about him. I tried to establish contact with him again but my email went unanswered.

Anyhoo. Don. If you’re out there. Here’s a hello from your “best import ever”, praying that you are safe on the Dunes, and that you come home to your family soon.

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  1. Token Asian   •  

    It’s tough finding out a friend is in Iraq. One of my childhood friends (also Thai American) was in Iraq with the California National Guard for a while.

    I sent him a couple care packages while he was there. After he returned to California for good, I adopted a soldier in Iraq who is also home with his family now.

    I guess care packages were my way of supporting the troops although I completely disagree with the war there.

    I hope Don gets to leave soon.

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