It’s starting…

I suddenly remembered that I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist next month to follow up on my dry eyes. God, I can hardly WAIT to get back into contact lenses (although I do LOVE my kick ass geeky New Balance transition lenses glasses)!

I was going to take the afternoon of June 1 off to take Brandon in for the vasectomy appointment anyway, so I changed my appointment to earlier in the afternoon so I can just take one day off. When I told Nhien about the appointment, this is the conversation that followed:

Nhien: So you’re going to see the ophthalmologist for what now?

Me: [Explain the dry eye thing.] So he’ll see if my eyes are healthy enough to get back into contact lenses.

Nhien: Oh good. Hopefully both you and Brandon will be fixed by then.

[insert imaginary comedy drum rolls here]

Me: Um. Yeah.

*Unrelated Updates* The Lush Duckies are back at the bar this morning. I’m going to start naming them if they’re still there tomorrow morning.

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