Wind of change

1. My review and my raise. I didn’t think I had the gut to chase after a raise originally. And I did. And here we are.

2. My friend Nick (aka Big Nick) graduated from USC School of Architecture on Friday. I still remember the first time he talked to me about going to USC. Of course, I cheered him on. At the end of the month, he’s moving to Aspen, Colorado, to work at a firm he’s worked at over the summer.

3. I reconnect with my former best friend Jen. On Saturday, while waiting for Brandon and his friend to go through the exclusive Oakley sunglasses sale, I called Jen up and we hung out. It was almost like old times again. And I’m ecstatic that we are patching up our friendship! Before I left, we also made a pit stop to see her parents. Mr. & Mrs. C who I came to call Mom & Dad C. They have been so kind to me in the past, taking me in into their house and treating me like family. It was wonderful to see them as well.

4. My “cousin” Nicky turns 21 today. Twenty fucking one, people! In front of me yesterday at his party was this tall, strapping young man with his head in civil engineering and his heart in photography. When I first knew him, this man was just this cute little boy with bangs and chipmunk cheeks! And that was 13 years ago!! And this time next year, he’ll have a college degree.

5. I’ve learned that Nan (Big Nick’s sister), Mike, and Owen are moving to Massachusetts also at the end of the month. Mike got a fellowship and so the family is heading out east. And I’ve just met their kid Owen for the first time on Friday. Good luck to the Ketpura-Chin clan!

6. Chris the Frenchy is now engaged to his long time love Brandy. All I can say is, About damn time, Frenchy! 🙂

7. Brandon’s vasectomy appointment is on June 1.

8. Nicky’s sister May is graduating from UCI on June 17.

9. My older brother may return to the US for a few semesters to pursue a professional certificate. We’ll have to see.

10. I will turn 30 in November.


  1. Anonymous   •  

    Oakley – 30, i’m amazed! Doesn’t look a day over 21.

    Keep up the good work…….

    Steve Suphan

  2. mikenan   •  

    Congratulations on the raise, Aunty Oakley! It was nice to meet you too on Saturday =)


  3. Rude Cactus   •  

    30, huh? Dont worry…it’s not so bad.

  4. Chris Holland   •  

    tic-toc-tic-toc. One month left ’till u get old … soooo soooo old.

  5. Chris Holland   •  

    frenchy can’t count. make that 2 months. yarrhrh!

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