Happiness is…

…seeing your best friend 6-month pregnant, and hanging out with a great group of people for the entire afternoon. J.C. and Erick are near due date, but they flew out to CA for the holiday to be with their friends and family. It was like being at their wedding all over again yesterday with Erick’s family and their friends. Good times!

…sleeping for 10 hours straight.

…watching X Men: the Last Stand first thing in the morning–well, right after breakfast of Campbell’s Chunky sirloin burger soup– and having theater popcorn for lunch.

…laying on the couch for the rest of the day watching TV and letting the little devil over your shoulder wins out on thoroughly enjoying the SLOTH part of the deadly sins.

…realizing that there are a few sounds that qualify as the happiest sounds, the sounds that make you smile no matter what: doggy pawsteps on hardwood floor, a cat purring, lone cricket outside your window, baby laughing (thanks to Rude Cactus’ video of Mia on that one), and the sizzling noise of anything being cooked on the grill or in a skillet.

…having a 3-day weekend with not a lot of plan.

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