A little less conversation

Brandon and his coworkers were talking about firearms and going shooting at the range. 9mm this and shot gun that. Then suddenly, Abu*, an India native, spoke.

Abu: I blew a goat.


Brandon: What did you say, Abu?

Abu: I blew a goat. When I was a boy.

Brandon and Tim*: Uh…

Abu: You know? A goat. I blew it. I put rifle between trees. And bang bang. I blew goat.

Brandon: Oh. OH! Abu, you meant that you blew a goat AWAY.

Abu: It’s what I said.

Tim: No, you said you blew a goat.

Abu: It’s what I said. I blew a goat. With rifle.

Brandon: No, Abu. You blew a goat AWAY mean you shot at it with a rifle. Bang bang. Dead goat.

Tim: You blew a goat means you, you know…[insert gesture here] a goat.


Abu: Fuck you guys.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Well, mainly Abu. Because obviously Brandon and “Tim” aren’t that innocent. Heh.

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