Weekend recap

I blamed England and Brazil’s losses on Chris Frenchy. He turned 30 on Saturday and of course his wish was for France to win. He got his wish.

I know, I know. In that case he’s only responsible for Brazil’s loss. But I’m just going to overall blame him anyway. J/K. You know I love ya, Froggy! Muuah!

We spent the entire afternoon on Hermosa Beach with Chris, his wonderful fiance Brandy, and his crew. I’ve met all these new folks and made all these new friends. It was terrific!

This also marked the first time in 13 years in California that I actually got into California water. As in, I was completely submerged in it!

Yes, kids. It was THAT hot that the cold ass CA water actually sort of warm up. Haha.

Anyhoo. I started by just slowly wading in. My hat and glasses intact. Chris was with me and encouraged me to go further out. I was wiped out yet managed to hold on to my glasses. So he took my hat and glasses back to the tent. But I can’t see without them!

“You don’t need to see,” he said. That’s true. I trust Chris with my life. He would not let me run into anything or, in my worst fear, drown.

So here we were, hopping into the waves. I was squeaking and squealing like a little girl…and had soooo much fun, y’all!

Then Brandon came running out to the water with my glasses, yelling for me.

“Dolphins! That way!”

And sure enough, there were fins. And spray from then they came up to breath. So very close! Chris took off into the water and headed for the dolphins.

“They didn’t want to play with me,” Chris said sadly when he returned minutes later.

Brandon and I helped the gang packed up the beach party around 4 p.m. and we headed out as the gang stayed and BBQ’ed.

B and I had other plans. A plan to stop at our favorite Mexican restaurant where we haven’t come by in a very long time. Las Brisas on Artesia Blvd. LOVE their margaritas. LOVE their food. Albondigas, the Mexican meatball soup…my god…it was hot out, but it was sooooo good!.

We got home and crashed out pretty much all through Sunday as well. We did get up to go see Superman Returns though. It was a fun popcorn movie.

And today, I’ve been up since 7 a.m. with Brandon, and been doing laundry all morning. Heh. I am heading out to the OC later on to have lunch with Bonnie, my host mom, the lady I stayed with when I came over here for high school 13 years ago.

13 years. Damn. It’s been that long…

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  1. Chris Holland   •  

    holy crap so you actually weren’t kidding about not having been in CA water!

    Big thanks to the both of you for coming over, it was really great having you, Brandy and I had a ton of fun 🙂

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