*Giggle* Part 2

Continues from *Giggle*. A collection of giggly moments from the past few days.

Giggle #2

Eva: Have you heard about the possible rolling black out through LA today?

Me: Yeah. Well, maybe I should turn off my radio or something to help a little bit.

Eva: How about we just turn off our computers?

Giggle #3

Me: Celeste, would you like some almonds?

Celeste: No, thank you. I just don’t want the feeling of having something rolling around in my mouth right now.

Giggle #4

Celeste, Eva, and I went downstairs to get Starbucks. We came out of the elevator to find Nhien and 2 other tenants on our floor waiting outside. So, we said hi and told them we were going to get coffee as we walked by. Nhien said something to me so I turned my head to look at her, thinking she was getting on the elevator.

Not so. All 3 of them were just standing there, waiting for the elevator…just slightly to the side of the still open elevator we just came out of.

“What are you guys doing?” I called out. “The elevator’s right there.”

They all came to and got on the elevator.

Giggle #5

Eva: So Michael, what nationality are you?

Michael: I’m Mexican.

Eva: Really? What part of Mexico?

Michael: Texas.

Giggle #6

I realize that in my 20 minutes with my ophthalmologist, it was about 5 minutes of exam, 5 minutes of discussing my condition, and 10 minutes of USC football. Every time. My eyes are well taken care of AND we get to talk about our Trojans and the games and stuff. My insurance doesn’t cover going to see him, but I wouldn’t trust my eyes to anyone else. I [heart] Dr. Hertzog! 🙂

On that note, I’m happy to report the good news that I am allowed to wear contact lenses again. The bad news is that I can’t wear contact lenses everyday like I used to. So, yes. Wear them for a day. But not 2 days in a row. The good doctor said there are still some dryness at the bottom of the corneas which is probably not going to go away. But I’m in the best shape as I could be after entire eye ordeal. So, yey!

Giggle #7

Got tickets to go home on Cathay Pacific. Not cheap and not quite the schedule I was hoping for but it’s the only airlines with flights out of Bangkok in August. So, double yey!

Kids, I will be in Thailand from August 10 through August 19 (leaving on the 20th in the morning). I’m not expecting to do much, but at least one night out with my brothers and their girls and one day out with my girlfriends. The rest is up to mom.

Thank you so much for everyone’s well wishes and good thoughts! Make THAT Giggles #8. 🙂

Giggle #9

Shane came by to hang out yesterday and we all had a beer each. It’s been too long since we’ve done that.


Giggle #10

Almost forgot about a comment from Chris “Rude Cactus”:

Hi. Can “That’s honked up, yo” be my new phrase? I really like it.

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