It’s 11:11

I did quite well during the day today until around 2 p.m. I was creating a special project Powerpoint presentation with my coworker who was telling me what to type up. At some point he’d think about it or word the sentence out loud.

I started to nod off, unconsciously. I was staring at the monitor one second and startling myself awake the next.

“I’m sorry, Coworker. I fell asleep and missed what you just said. Can you please repeat that? Actually, wait. Hold that thought.” I got up and jumped around in my cubicle as if I was in the Mad Hatter’s exercise video.

“Still got the jetlag I see,” he chuckled.

“Oh I thought I’m over it. Apparently not.”

After that, I kept feeding myself sugar, snacking on a small brownie and a few “rat poops” (See’s Candies Bridge Mix) from the other side of the office, and some leftover mini Reeses Pieces I had squirrelled away in my drawers. Can’t do caffeine here…it’d just put me over into jittery.

After the project was done later in the afternoon, the VP who ordered the special project returned with a small golden box of See’s Candies.

“For your hard work today,” he said. “And perhaps it’ll keep you awake tomorrow.”

See why I love my office? 🙂

And I’m now going to bed. I see another goodnight sleep in my future! Tylenol PM, baby. Save me one more night!

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