Run Oakley Run!

Just about 1/2 a mile, baby!

LOL. That is nothing. But for an out of shape, 1st time runner like me, that’s pretty okay.

With all the FABULOUS Nike shoes I’ve gotten from my brother, I figured heck I should run in them instead of just wearing them for styles. As for Brandon, well, he knows he needs to get out more. Besides, he wants to test out his knees to see if he could run again.

So Brandon and I went running. Brandon used to run cross country when he was in high school, so he was giving pointers. We walked to the park which is just about a 1/4 mile from the house. The park has a track with a marker for 1/4 mile. Nice! So we ran around that once and walked out all the way to the end of the road. That makes about a mile. We walked back and ran a block or so, almost 1/4 mile and walked the rest.

Final result? I am feeling great right now…which I’m sure I will hate life tomorrow. Brandon is not going for a run every again. 1/4 mile was good, but more than that, his knees hate him.

So, I will be slowly running to Brandon’s fast walking. Or I’ll walk with him and run on my own. One of the two.

Because, y’all, I think running may have become my new addiction.

It once was. I mean, I used to really really like to run! I was never a long distance runner but quite a little sprinter. I would run here and there and everywhere I’d run. As long as it wasn’t a long distance. It goes with the whole, “I want to go there and do that NOW!” mentality. Oh yeah, I have always been this hyperactive. ;-D

And I was a fast little bugger too! I was neck and neck with Sam (funny to come to remember that!) in school for the fastest girl in class in 50 meter dash when we had tracks for PE. I was a lot shorter than she was…well…still am. Heh. I did okay at 100 meter. But when 400 meter came, I was one of the last ones to make it back around.

Oh yeah, I’m like a nitro booster. All that bundled energy is released for full speed for a short time…then sadly fizzles out.

I’m better at pacing now, but I still think I’m running a little too fast. But hey, I may actually run well. You never know!

I hope I can keep this up. Unlike yoga practice that has dwindled down to once a month now.

Gosh, I may actually have fitness A.D.D.!

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  1. KorBua   •  

    Em… you somehow found wat i do everyday. have to run at least an hour everyday. i would feel a bit guilty if i skip a day or so. 😛

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