“Wanna bet we won’t have hot water tomorrow?” said Brandon as we walked pass the apartment’s water heater which was making horrific clunking noises.

Sure enough, Saturday morning came and there was no hot water.

I called Nora, letting her and her sister know that I would be there around 9:30 instead of 10 a.m. and that I needed to use their shower. Nora and I were going to the kick-off meeting for ONE campaign‘s Orange County Group.

Talk about an appropriate social lesson before going to a meeting to learn more about a campaign to fight global AIDS and extreme poverty! Here I was, running out of the house, feeling icky and frustrated because I couldn’t have a hot shower. And out there somewhere, a kid is dying of thirst and hunger, and even AIDS.

Off to the OC. Had me a nice warm shower and little breakfast with Nora and off we went to the meeting.

Kelly, the leader of the pack, is very professional and passionate about the cause. There were a range of folks there including a guy who’ve moved from England, SOKA University students and 2 girls from my alma mater, Santa Margarita High School. Some are more passionate and politically conscious about the cause than others.

I mainly want to volunteer my time and energy to assist whatever programs they’d need me for. ONE is an awareness campaign, not fundraising. Being someone who’s not really involved in my community, I don’t really have much to start with. My circle of influence is quite small. So, I’m doing what I can. (See the banner? Yep. There you go.) But I will show up to support ONE whenever and where I can.

Nora is along the same line with how much she wants to get involved. But she has a little more range to spread the word with her big corporation work place and church.

Anyhoo. It was a great meeting and I’m looking forward to do more for ONE.

This is just another thing to make ME happy. Have I mentioned that I decided to be happy? I think I’ve done enough moping around and feeling sorry for myself and angry at the world. It’s time to get over myself and be happy.

Constant bitching can only make you happy during the time you were bitching. Then nothing’s changed. You either move on or do something about it.

…well, I will still be angry at the world here and there. I don’t think I can help that. Heh. It’s just too much fun to be bitter at the world once in a while. ;-D

Wishing you a fulfilling week to come!

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