Yes. The Trojans beat Nebraska Cornhuskers to pulp yesterday 28-10. We didn’t have a good start to begin with, and on the 3rd drive of the game, this happened.

Surely an injury that ends this season. Please all wish Ryan Powdrell the best.

And pray for the Trojan offense to shape up after such loss.

Also, even before the game, there was another kind of pain many of the current USC students experienced outside the Coliseum.

Apparently USC sold 12,000 Activity Cards, essentially your season tickets for almost all home games, but only alloted 8,000 in the student section. The 4,000 seats have been sold out to general public.

The result was long line, near rioting crowd, and eventually a standing room only in the grassy area.

Sold out is right. Shame on you, USC!

I was on of the lucky fews who never have issues with seating all 4 years of college. I mean, I have never heard anyone complain about not being able to get into the Coliseum before. Then again, we had our good years but nothing like the Pete Carroll era.

I can’t even imagine not being able to get into the Coliseum! (Well, I would’ve been one of the first ones in line to get into the Coliseum to begin with. Heh.) Then again, my seat was guaranteed to me every single home game. The front row at 50 yard line, behind the players. The Marching Band is just over to the left. And I EARNED my seat there.

I was a part of Trojan Pride, the spirit organization. Rallies R Us, pretty much. And a lot more. I mean, we were in the Coliseum 2 hours before the game, scaling up and down the Coliseum putting pompoms on the seats. Some people came in to do just that to get seats, but a few of us actually are hardcore Trojan Priders who did everything from selling game shirts (well, *I* sold shirts. 4 days a week all through football season. Yes, all 4 years!) , to set up and did crowd control at rallies and making banners to go support other atheletic teams.

I’m sure since our football team has picked up for the past years, Trojan Pride probably has members out the yang during the football season. I wonder how that works for them nowadays. The first 20 can get in early? I have no idea.

Anyway. I digress.

It’s just not fair that with the especially fantastic team that they would oversell the Activity Card (or Spirit Card…I guess that’s what they are now) and jibbed the students. After all, they paid for their tickets it too!

Now, as an alum with not a lot of dough, I still have the best seat for USC games. At home. In front of my TV. Still yelling and screaming at the game. 🙂

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