Daddy knows best

Me: You know, I’m so tired of explaining to Americans about the coup.

Dad: They’re just jealous.

Me: What? Why?

Dad: When Thais are desperate for a change in the government, we resort to the coup. When Americans are desperate for a change in their presidency, and since they can’t have a coup, they just kill him off.

Me: Dad!?

Dad: Look at what they did to JFK! And Lincoln. And almost did it to Reagan too. *Chuckles*

Me: *Sigh* Okay I’m hanging up now.


  1. Pondering   •  

    Hi and thanks for adding me to your list (yah..I’ve been stalking your blog for a while now….) I am a proud converter to’s much easier to use and much much faster. So officially becoming an amature (how do your spell this?) computer geek who strictly knows only BASIC computer on user level, and knows nothing on fancy computer stuff. I am a big wannabe.

  2. KorBua   •  

    He has a point u know!!!! 🙂 I never thought about that before.

  3. Nui   •  

    This is a good one, i see that you get your sense of humor from your dad!

    A good thing about the coup, it got me back to blogging… or rather reading blogs. It warms my heart to see so many new Thai bloggers, since two years ago, I was desperately googling the internet for them.

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