Working Halloween

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My office rocks.

We had a BLAST at work. Productivity was a little low, but we still got our stuff done. Then again, our department is well known to work hard and play hard.

Celeste surprised us all and showed up with the hippy/disco diva gitup. Eva turned out to make a very cute and, from comments I’ve heard of her picture so far, sexy kitten. Sequoia kept her promise and came in as little China Doll. Many others in the office donn orange and black.

The kitchen table was packed with goodies! Candies from the CEO. Pumpkin bread from the CFO. Celeste made some cool cupcakes. I brought in apple slices and caramel dip. Another tenant in the building made pumpkin-chocolate tart.

A sugar high that could be easily sustained through out the day? Priceless!

This is possibly the most fun I had at work on Halloween outside of working at USC in college!

On the flipside, it was possibly the oddest Halloween I had so far. Odd as in I had so much fun at work and I came home to a quiet evening, typical of our everyday routine but dismal compared to Halloween in the past years.

Lauren, our niece, came up with tickets to see the special midnight show of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Queen Mary. I would’ve been my first time at the show, and the first time seeing the movie through and through.

The plan: Brandon would leave work in Santa Ana and head out to Norco to pick up Lauren and her boyfriend Connor. We’d have dinner and hang out until 10:30 when we would head to the QM. After the show, we would either return to our place and Lauren’s dad would take them back to Norco after his shift (he’s a cop) or we’d take them back out to the Valley of the Dirt People.

What actually happened: Norco is roughly 30 miles from Santa. 2.5 hours and 15 miles later, Brandon called Lauren, apologized that he had to cancel, turned around and came home. There was no way he would be able to get out there to get them in this traffic! Apparently an accident that caused 4 out of 5 lanes of freeway to be closed just wasn’t good enough for the online “up to the minute” traffic report when he left work.

We didn’t leave the house again all night. Just us, watching NCIS and House, like we usually do on a Tuesday night.

As for me, Downtown LA traffic was a nightmare, so to speak. Lakers game plus everyone’s running home to their kids for Halloween. I got home almost an hour behind schedule.

By 7 p.m., I’m sure the trick-or-treaters were done. We didn’t have anyone barging up the stairs for candies or anything. Besides, we’re in an apartment neighborhood. I’m sure not many kids would trick or treat apartments.

The night maybe quiet, but the day was fun. You just can’t have it all sometimes, but I’ll take what I can get. 🙂

On to next year!

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