Oh, the last Friday of 2006

How I love thee. Let me count the ways!


I made dinner tonight and it kicks major ass! Rachael Ray’s Steak dinner set (I used thawed, frozen spinach instead of kale) is phenomenal. I adjusted everything down to make food for 2 and it’s perfect.


Finally opened the Santa Cristina 2003 Sangiovese wine Brenda gave me for Christmas last year. It’s fantastic.


Blogger came through and revert me back to my original form. Back on the Old Blogger! Yeeeeees! Sure, I lost a few new posts…not that they were all that interesting anyway, right?…and the nifty tags, but hey, at least I have all of my shit back. And you guys can comment again! It’s awesome!


I have received some money for Christmas so I was going to spend it on getting the Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer, a cook’s best friend. I was at Target earlier, staring it down for many minutes before deciding to do some more price comparison before plunking my money on it.

And then, during dinner, Michael called. His fraternity brothers came through with $125 ticket to the Rose Bowl.

We’re. Going. To. The. Fuckin’. ROSE. BOWL!

It’s been a VERY good Friday indeed.

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