I <3 LA in the morning

Especially when the sky is absolutely gorgeous.

To be respectful to folks around me on the road, I did not snap a picture of Downtown LA skyline, backed by clear blue sky, lit by the magic hour sun this morning.

First, it was the Choir of the Angels moment on the 710.

I was crawling down the stretch on the 710, a leftover carnage of an already cleared accident. There was light in the sky. ]I came up the hill and around the corner, just where the far left lane doubles up to split off to the 5, and the traffic started to clear. I stepped on the gas and my speed demon came out to play. At that moment, the sun decided to come out too. And suddenly, I was at awe at the purple mountains and bright blue sky. It was magic.

[Insert Choir of the Angels here]

Then again, as I got off the 101 on Fourth, heading to Downtown. I drove over this bridge many times, just never at this time of day, or in this clear of a weather. But today, the sight was just majestic.

This time, the proverbial Choir was replaced by the actual music from my stereo. The intro to the epic Meat Loaf Classic, “I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that)”.

Seriously. Perfect commuting moment.

The early morning light gives me an entirely new perspective on Downtown. I mean, I drove the exact same route yesterday around 6 a.m., given it was still dark then, but not the same effect.

Then again, when the LA sky was New Mexico clear blue, tinted with the last bit of the night sky–and not one bit of the yellowish brown muck–it is truly a rare moment.

Oh yeah. And it’s still fuckin’ cold. And last night? It snowed in fuckin’ Malibu and hailed in Westwood!

And silly me, keep going to my window before bed last night, hoping it’d snow in Los Alamitos.  Consolation prize?  Ice crystals on the roof of my car, around the edges of my back windshield, and a little bit on the trunk.


  1. Borrego   •  

    I posted a bunch of pics on my page, come check’em out, not just the english blog, but the spanish one as well.

  2. Korbua   •  

    perfect days are rare! 🙂

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