Frenchy is getting married today!

Dear Chris,

It just hits me that you are getting married today. TODAY! My dearest Frenchman is getting married and I couldn’t be there with him. *sigh*

I am so happy for you, Chris! I know we haven’t been close in the recent years, but I think being one of your early friends still count for something.

After all, you introduced me to a lot of things that shaped the rest of my life. IRC. HTML. Star Wars. My first boyfriend Kit. The Derby — well, we were fools the first time we were there, weren’t we? But then you got bitten by the swing and you became a pro. And then there was our fantastic journey to the strip club with me dressed like a little boy Asian gangster. LOL. And of course, sleeping on the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard outside the Mann’s waiting for Episode I was probably the best time of my life. Ranked up there with being carried down 3rd Street Promenade, drunk on my 21st birthday. “Stop the rocking!” LOL.

And the most recently, you got me to wade out in the California water deeper than my knees for the first time. Without my glasses, even. And I wasn’t even afraid because I know you’re just an arms length away. Well, until you took off after the dolphins. Hehe.
After all these years of being friends, and after a few years of not seeing much of each other, I still trust you with my life. THAT is just a kind of friend you are to me.

And here I am, on the biggest day of your life, on the computer in California, while you’re out in Texas, getting married to the wonderful and beautiful Brandy. That just fucking kills me!!

But like you said, I am there in spirit, circling the bar at the reception waiting to have my one drink to salute you and your lovely bride on your very first day of the rest of your life.

Congratulations to you, Chris and Brandy. You did it!!! 🙂 I’ll see you newlyweds when you get back.

I love you, man.

Your Oakz

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  1. Matt   •  

    Hey, your new layout is so much cleaner and nicer than before. You know, it reminds me of ice cream for some reason.

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