Pain is weakness leaving the body


That little motto was on a Marine Corps. t-shirt Brandon has.

Fuckin’ Marines. They’re not human. (And God bless them all for that too!)

Anyhoo. Apparently my bad ankle doesn’t like the concrete pavement that much. My ankle has bugged me all day and it’s insy winsy little bitty swolen.

The upside is that my legs aren’t sore. So at least somebody is getting used to the new ritualistic abuse called running.

Now, to my preparation for tomorrow’s festivities.

The Big Boss is leaving. Did I tell you that? And tomorrow is the day we throw him going away shindigs. First, the official staff farewell with a cake thing. Then after work, it’s boozing up at our new favorite hangout, the Library Bar! (Oh yeah, if you’re in the area. Come on by and say hi to me!)

Ahhh…the emancipation…

Um…whoops did I say that out loud just now?

Sorry about the digression. Ahem. Where were we? Oh, prepping for tomorrow.

The prep for tomorrow’s drinking was my dinner, a bacon cheeseburger from a local grill. Well, that’s actually is a bad excuse. The real justification for that lovely thickness of perfectly seasoned and cooked minced cow meat slapped with drippy processed goodness called American cheese and crispy fried pork belly is, well, I was fucking hungry. LOL.

It’s the running. Nhien and Tiffany agreed with me on that one. Nhien also agrees with me that the perfectly good reason for working out is so that you can eat more. Indeed, sister!

And Tiffany? That funny girl called to laugh at me about my runner’s ears. LOL. Tiffany also runs and she’s starting back at it again. She said that happens to her too. And that I have to keep at it. Just a little bit further each time, she said. My bus mate/marathoner Amanda said the same thing. Keep at it. Just little bit further. Just a minute more.

This ankle pain is truly annoying for now, but it’s nothing compared to my craving for a few minutes on the run.

Oh god. I ran once a week for 3 weeks and I already am addicted to the runner’s high.

I’m so screwd. LOL.

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