2007 Calendar

My ankle suffers a set back. So I’m not running for yet another week. It seems that two little hops off the high bar stool on Saturday applied too much impact for me. Then again, I tried to get back into the ankle exercise routine yesterday may have something to do with the soreness…

Anyhoo. Today, I found myself suddenly facing a 2007 calendar that has plans all the way to the end of the year. And it’s not even half way through February yet.


Thursday: Girls Night Out. That is now set on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Saturday: An all-girl gathering at Celeste’s.

Valentine’s Day: Sharing my dessert with the office. And no, we don’t do Valentine’s at the Borens.

16th: Probably work late, getting our event on the 21st ready.

19th: Holiday. Literal the calm before the storm.

21st: Our big event.

24th: I’m going to be camped out at the Block of Orange to watch 5 Oscar nominees for Best Pictures in one day, starting with Babel at 11:00, then The Queen, The Departed, Letters from Iwo Jima and at 9:45 Little Miss Sunshine. For $30 with free refills on popcorn and soda all day? Even if you’re seeing 3 out of 5, it is already a steal!

Oh yes. Please do join me for at least one of the 5, if you have time. (You can buy regular tickets still.) Or if you’re crazy like me, come join me for all 5. Well heck, I may do at least 4 since I already saw The Departed. Brandon is coming out to see Letters from Iwo Jima and I may get Nora to come see Babel. So, we’ll see. 🙂

End of February: I have to get our newsletter to print somehow.


March is traditionally our busiest birthday month. 6 friends. 2 family members. Lord knows what else will pop up.


June 23 – AIDS Walk Long Beach 2007. Team Lesser Weevils returns!!!


First week: Actually this would start on Brandon’s birthday June 29, but WE’RE GOING ON A ROAD TRIP TO NEW MEXICO!!! Justin has the month off so he and Olaina will pile into our Santa Fe and head off to Red River for 4th of July. Yeeeees!

2 weeks after that: Our July event. Oh yeah, talk about my timing for going out of town. LOL.


Late October: Our awards dinner event.


I’m going home for 2 weeks, hopefully I’ll have enough time then, from Veteran’s Day through Thanksgiving.

LOL. It’s going to be a fucking fun year I can tell ya.

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  1. Gary   •  

    I’ve envy you watching all those cool academy award nominee flix at ONE time! wow!

    I will see them all, but I get Netflix and they’ll eventually release all of them.

    Got a hunch “The Queen” will do well at the awards show.

    I tend to watch most independent movies, you know, those flix with a plot, character developement, storyline build up,etc.

    btw, I enjoy your blogs at Thai-blogs, they’re always good.

    I may start blogging there again, you might has seen some of my blogs under…superman…:-)

    all the best

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