Paint a pretty picture

My Moo Minicards arrived, y’all! They’re soooo fucking cute and cool as hell. Although there was a problem.

My phone number is one digit off. User error, totally. I proof-read it wrong.

And THAT is what you get when you order something complicated when you’re tired. Oy!

But they’re so damn cute! Again, thanks Kitty!

Speaking of pictures, please enjoy the Las Vegas moblog, featuring our travel mascot (from this point forward), Tigger (aka Captain TiggARRRR). Click on the picture and it’ll take you to the Flickr album…then you can read the caption.

And I still owe you guys the Las Vegas recap. Then these will make wee little bit more sense.

030207_0804a.jpg 030207_1417a.jpg


030207_1629a.jpg 030307_1029a.jpg

030307_1355a.jpg 030307_1427a.jpg

030307_1816a.jpg 030307_1937a.jpg

030407_0905a.jpg 030407_0913a.jpg

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