Dirty, dirty ears

Monday was, oddly enough, a dental appointment day. Amy, Eva, and Celeste all were out at one point, going to the dentist/orthodontist.

Come Tuesday morning, Eva recounted her time getting her fractured molar fixed with Amy over the phone.

Eva: [blah, blah, blah] …and I felt a LOT of vibration…

Me: *Snort**Giggle*

Eva: [To me] *Laugh* Oh, shut up, Oakley!
[Back to Amy…blah, blah something about drill, blah, blah]  …but I try not to swallow…

Me: *Giggle**Giggle*

Eva: [blah, blah, something about grinding her teeth in her sleep, blah blah] …yeah, yeah.  And at night, I grind a lot.

Me: *Howling in laughter*

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