Ugly Americans



Stupid is more like it.

Sure this is exaggerated.  I’m sure they’d run into normal, smart people on the streets.  You can probably do the same thing anywhere in the world and cut together the only stupid clips to make one of these about any country in the world.

But face it.  The WORLD thinks Americans are this stupid.  Just as the Ugly Americans image–the boisterous, arrogant, and ignorant rude jackass tourists–is floating out there, the Dumbass Americans image is too.

I mean, that is also my impression of Americans when I got here the first few years…that American school kids are idiots.

When Mr. Osterlund talked about anything international related in Economics class, and nobody could answer his question, he’d throw it at me. And I’d usually get it right. I think he might have done it a few times in class one day when this one class clown sitting right behind me let out a “Psssh”, a chuckle and shook his head.

Mr. O. asked him what was so funny. He said, nothing. Mr. O. asked him what the currency of Japan is. He said the Yens.

“Now, go up to the map and show me where Japan is,” said Mr. O.
The kid had a hard time locating the country–and mind you the map has countries’ names on them–and pointed at Indonesia.

“Now, find me the Middle east.”

That was close. He got to India.

It was my turn to start giggling.  I did it in my head while pondering, what the fuck do American teachers teach their kids in grade school?

Mr. O. then called me up to show him Japan, the Middle East and where Saudi Arabia is, then he threw out some more countries…oh I don’t know, Israel, the UK, Switzerland, Vietnam, where Beijing is in China, and more.  Aside for some African countries I had a bit of a hard time finding…but at least I knew they were in Africa, I got them right in a few seconds.
Mr. O. made his point.  “And THIS is why I called on Oakley to answer the questions. Until you can do better than that, you don’t have the right to laugh at anybody. Go back to your seat. And shut the hell up.”

And the clip up there just reminds me sooo much of that.

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  1. Gregg   •  

    hahah, that video is great! I have said all along americans are dipshits. You are correct, some of it can be just a selected audience, but as a group they really are dumb. MY friend from China laughed at what math requirements we have for her computer science Ph.D program as she had that math in highschool. The society I live in generates stagnated ignorant self-centered dipshits…hell look at who the moral majority christian idiots elected as their president.

    Kids today want to be gangsters and worry so much about image. This is directly related to the fact that this country has no culture and never did. No one here has anything to latch on to except the next fad. That is why I respect so many east Asian countries like Thailand, Japan and China. They have a great culture and strive to be the best, not some gangster. Now you see why I want to get the hell out of here asap. 🙂

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