Day of rest

After a super productive Saturday, Brandon and I holed up in our apartment for a day of rest.

Yesterday, with the one oven, I baked 10 dozen of cookies (the batters yielded 2 dozen and 3 cookies more than I needed for the AIDS Walk order), and made a fantastic dinner of Roman-style chicken and roasted potatoes. Originally, we were just feeding ourselves and Olaina who came over while Justin was off at a bachelor party. But her brother Neil happened to be in the neighborhood so he joined us as well.

With the one set of washer and dryer in our complex, Brandon hijacked the laundry room did our laundry for about the same amount of time I spent in the kitchen.

Pretty much both of us were done with our tasks mid-way through dinner. Neil left not too long after dinner while Olaina stayed and hung out with me for the rest of the evening, boozing and singing on Karaoke Revolution.

Oh, and B and I put all of the laundry away last night too.

Well, we couldn’t sleep on top of the piles of laundry now, could we?

And sleep we did. Like rocks.

This morning, I declared today lazy day. No cooking. No going out. Nothing.

We had cereal for breakfast and later called for a pizza for lunch. We cozied up to watch 2 DVDs of NCIS Season 3 with a few breaks to go play with our hobbies. We took a nap in the afternoon.

After the nap though, we got a little bit of a cabin fever. So I washed my car and played with my extended arm Swiffer duster and dusted the entertainment center. And Brandon went out to get a bottle of Mucinex to get rid of this cough he has and picked up Mexican food.

Here we are at 9 p.m., having full recovered from yesterday.

I have all the intentions to share with you guys the emotional roller coasters I have experienced since we heard the bad news about Justin’s mom and some updates from my dad. But, once again I’m going to run away to a safe place.

Because running away is what I do best. And a good day of rest seems to be the best place to hide.

I will share, I promise, as soon as I am ready.

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  1. Amy   •  

    OH MAN that recipie sounds amazing! I’m so making it for myself this week!

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