People v.s. People

On one hand:

Support came pouring in once Celeste’s accident was formally announced at work. The get well card was signed in record time and everyone came by at least once a day to get the update.

Eva and I converged at Celeste’s house around 7:30 for a visit. I brought with me an El Pollo Loco family meal which fed me, the Fireball and her man plus leftover. Celeste’s neighbors were over. Her bus buddies also came by for a visit. Phones were ringing every 30 minutes or so with everyone’s checking in and saying hi.

People DO care.

On the other hand:

From Lost Boy’s post, I found out about this DC Judge Nut Case, suing a dry cleaner for $65 million over his allegedly lost pair of pants. I hope the real judge throw his case and his ass out of court.

And over in Thailand, my little blogger friend KorBua got a weird phone call from her ex-boyfriend’s mom who proposed a marriage for the kids. Mind you, Bua hasn’t talked to this guy for at least 5 years.

There are some crazy fuckers out in this world.

And then there are us:

Brandon brought home a bar of this European milk chocolate, a gift from his coworker who just returned from Germany. One little block of this rich, creamy and chocolatey goodness triggered a choc-gasm out of me over the weekend. Brandon relayed my little episode to the coworker and today I came home to another bar of the chocolate.  Yeah, more choc-gasm!!
Olaina and I had been going back and forth between our blogs as both of our families are going through tough times. Olaina ended one of her entry this way:

When the black numbness wears off (which is paralytic–no studying, no unpacking, no real anything except sleeping and eating), if it’s followed by body-swallowing oceans of sadness what will we do?

And I commented:

That would be when you call US. And we can come down to swim in there with you. We’ll make it the Ocean of Sadness Beach Party. I’ll grill for you guys. It’ll be fun.

And then she came back to comment on my emo moment with:

You know we’re always thinking of you and praying for you. But maybe we should start learning some Emo karaoke songs, and then at our Oceans-of-Sadness Beach Party we can play cards, and Brandon can see my dysfunctional step-in-law-American-family and raise it a dysfunctional in-law-Asian-family. Once again, it’ll be a sick kind of draw (remember, I’m Asian, you know). We should maybe chip in for a nicer deck of cards.

When you can’t just comprehend all the madness in your life, the crazy–and yes, dysfunctional–things seem make the most sense.

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  1. Olaina   •  

    OK. Justin makes fun of us for communicating primarily through blog entries, but I like the way it enables us to share our bizarre humor with the boys verbatim.

    I’m jealous of the choc-gasm. In my panic pre-hospice-caregiving shopping I bought two Ben and Jerry’s pints of yummygoodness, but I took them to my parents’ house. Then we were never there, so they’re still sealed. Now I’m here alone while Justin is on call on his first day back at med school and Chocolate Fudge Brownie would be just the thing to occupy my night.

    I can’t believe your friend had pyrotechnics at her wedding. Don’t tell Arman; he’ll find a way to add them to their 5-star resort bonanza. They already have their own postage stamp (they’re wearing formal wear for the photo… I’ll show you later). Jason on the other hand doesn’t know when the photos or the rehearsal is going to be held–just in case, they’ll do a quick run through before the real thing because a lot of his friends have to work on Friday. Meanwhile, Arman (who is getting married a week after Jason) wants all of his guests to stay within a one-mile radius of the wedding from Thursday through Saturday night.

    Don’t tell Jason about the Fireball either; he’ll try to make his own. (Do tell Brandon that.) 😉

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