Kirk v.s. Picard

My friend Christine has always supported the Weevils since day one. And now, I am supporting her right back.

Besides, it’s a Star Trek related site! Do you think I’m going to let Captain Picard down? Never!

Take a visit to and
A little back story on the history of Christine and myself. Christine is a friend from HSX days. I partied at her place many a times. Lots of memories there. You’ll just have to ask me about it. Hehee…

Oh, and I’m back in my game somewhat tonight. Got groceries, started laundry (which Brandon helped finish…thanks babe!), made dinner, watched a movie, baked Absolutely Weevil Cookies…and I have to go back out there and do the dishes.

That’s the normal schedule. The whole eating out every night thing just wasn’t like us. I miss cooking a little bit.

The cleaning though, that’s the part I don’t miss much. LOL.

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