Homeward Bound

Once again, hello from Taipei airport. This time I only have about half and hour to kill so I will be brief.

First, updates from a few days of activities.

Friday didn’t happen as planned altogether. We didn’t have family dinner because a) dad had meeting that ran very late and might as well because b) I had a migraine so bad I wanted to take a spoon to my right eye and scoop the brain behind it out. Girls night out also was postponed to Saturday night.

Saturday was a bunch of happy coincidences. First, lunch with Bua, my twin sister from another life, at Siam Paragon. We hit it off as if we were friends for years! She was very late to the appointment but during that time I did really get into “Little Children” the novel. Can’t wait to finish the book and see the movie! Bua and I did a little shopping up at MaNGo and Zara as well. I came out with 2 things, one to wear out partying later that night.

One of the plans was to meet up with Bua and Kitty at Club Culture for the night out. But then Tong made dinner plan with her girlfriends, conveniently next door to all of the clubs both of us–me, the “foreigner” and them the locals–can enjoy. So, I went with Tong and the clan instead.  (Sorry, girls!)
We started with some wine and dessert at Fuzio, an upscale Italian restaurant atop the Min Cooper dealership on the 6th floor, where the ladies already had dinner. We then walked over to Nang Len, a hugely popular club for Thais, but couldn’t squeeze in the place so we veered off 20 paces into Escobar. Finally I get to see where Bua & Kitty hang out! Hahah! They were playing hip hop galore and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The girls on the other hand enjoyed the Thai Party Pack (whiskey and mixers) while watching the 2 hottie twin model boys with pony tails dance with a bunch of sexy Thai models in skimpy little dresses. Gosh, those boys HAVE to be gay! They didn’t even touch that Girl in White who was shaking it up all over them. LOL. Plenty of eye candies for those who like the “Imports”, if you know what I mean. 😉

Once the girl got bored, we moved on to try once again to squeeze into Nang Len. About 20 ft. into the crushing crowd, I told Tong I’m getting the fuck out because I wasn’t getting any air. It was THAT crowded.  A second later, the entire group concurred and they backed out after me.

All the way out, down the little street into, once again, Tong’s usual haunt, Gigabyte. The house band still rocked everyone’s sock off with today Thai hits and a bunch of re-envisioned classics.  I gladly sat by, sipping my beer next to some dude, and watched my girls finally had their fun.  My shoes were killing me anyway.  Might as well.

Fern, the sexy and sassy one who reminds me of Samantha from Sex and the City, suggested that they send me a CD of Thai MP3s so I can get into it with them next time.

But we all had a fantastic time. And once again, I had to drink the dish water that is Corona and Heineken to get my buzz.  *sigh*
I can’t wait to have a real beer when I get back. New Castle. Guinness. Either one. Come to mama!

Sunday was spent entirely with mom. When dad and Onk came to pick me up to go to family dinner, I tried my damnest not to cry when I say good bye to mom. I did walk away and cried by the door, waiting for those two to say good night. I cried all the way down the elevator.

For dinner, we went to L’Opera, the wine bar side, in Sukhumvit. Actually, it’s called the Opera Riserva.  The food was terrific. The atmosphere awesome. It was a little expensive for Thai standards but moderate for foreigners. About $40 per person, but that’s a large plate of meat antipasto, a salad, 3 pasta dishes, 1 Australian tenderloin, 1 medium pizza, 3 desserts, 2 shots of Limoncello AND a bottle of Merlot.  Not bad really for the restaurant  of that caliber. We were the only Thais in the entire place!

And now I’m here. 🙂 Gotta got get on my plane now. Will do some restaurant review and emotional check in with y’all later.

See you on the other side!

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