I’m telling you!

Whoever said that bad things always happen in three is a fucking liar.

Before I left for Thailand, we had a string of deaths in our circle. Big Erik’s uncle. Nhien’s aunt. Shane’s uncle. Justin’s mom.

When I was home, my mom was rushed back to the hospital (where she still is). Around the corner from her room was my friend Maylanie’s mom. (I think she may still be there too.)

A few days after I returned to the US, I received news that another schoolmate Pam, my grade school best friend, lost her father. And just now, Lily told me over IM that another schoolmate Sally also just lost her mother 2 days ago.

What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On?!?!?!?!

What am I, Hurley from Lost? Everyone I know is cursed somehow? Doomed to suffer a tragic lost of their older loved ones?

I understand it’s the cycle/circle of life thing. But holy shit can a girl get a fucking break!?!

I had on the IM so I caught my dot com buddy Matt for a second and asked him for some good news. Any good news at all.

I need a break. Man, do I need a break!

Matt came to the rescue with good news that he and his lovely wife are moving this weekend to El Segundo. Not entirely close to us but closer than where they were in LA before.

So yey!

Olaina also stopped by again and left me lovely comments.

So yey!

Rose also sent me an online card and we are going to grab lunch next week. (She doesn’t know that yet but I’m going to reply to her right now!)

Another yey!

I know I have been wallowing a lot since the trip. Like I said, something broke within me. I am careful to start mending that because I know the worst is yet to come.

If it is broke, let it be. For now anyway. No point of trying to fix it to have it breaks again so soon now, does it?

I never thought I’d say this but THANK GOD for work!

Our big event is Wednesday and I have been running my crazy little head off at work since I got back and all day today into the late hours. Tomorrow, Nhien and I are staying in town to prepare of the big day and after that I’ll come home exhausted.

Busy is good. Very good. It doesn’t leave you much time to think about anything else.

Unlike last night.

When it’s all quiet and you have nothing to stare at but darkness, your mind takes you places you didn’t have time to go to while you were busy living your life.

The last piece of email I read was from Aunty Sida:

“Noi [mom] seems worse..she looks sick and in pain. Tomorrow I will go to hospital early and I will email you soon.”

I managed an hour nap before I startled awake around 11 p.m. The brain then switched on and it looped on the “what if”s and “what we’re going to do”s and “oh shit did i forget something about work”s. By 11:30 I said fuck it to sleeping naturally and took half a shot of Nyquil and headed for the couch.

One thing my mom and I are alike, perhaps because I got trained so well having slept in my folks room most of my young life, sometimes we can go to sleep easier if the TV was on. Mom still does today with her condition. She wakes up the moment you turn off the TV.

One TIVO’ed episode of 4400 and a few entertainment news reruns later, the bed finally came calling around 2 a.m.

Oh, and final last piece of good news?

OCTA strike is over. I have been taking the Disneyland bus to work since I got back.  I like the fact that I get another 15 minutes on my usual OCTA bus and still get there about the same time.  I do have to drive further to the park and ride though.  But I hate how packed it is and how uncomfortable the seats are.  I miss my comfy and friendly express bus!  The next few days I will be driving, but by Thursday, hopefully, I will have my usual OCTA bus back.

Familiar patterns return to me, finally! Perhaps that will help me get back into the swing of things.  Before the other shoe drops and I have to start all over again.

So, do you have good news? Share with me, please! I love to hear/read good news! 🙂

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