Sleep: A Dream Within Reach

And I’m not even going to sit at the couch. Na-ah. No, sir. Not me.

The couch/love seat has a similar power to our bed, at least on me because I can still sleep on it, believe it or not. Both the couch and the bed must some kind of a succubus or something. They lure you in for a nice little relaxing layabout and then WHAM! They trap you in with their soothing and super comfortable embrace, and suck all energy and sap your will to do anything else on your feet out of you. They would keep you there forever if they could have it their way I’m sure.

Anyway. I. Am. Super. Duper. Sleepy.

I almost didn’t make it home today. I found myself trying to sing in the car and downing my water to keep awake.

The event was done. It was hugely successful. We ran out of many things which was a good thing because we didn’t have anything to take back to the office.

Both fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, Nhien and I spent last night at the hotel where the event was held. Because we knew we were staying in town, we were working on the preparation until 11:30 p.m. (given that we took sometime off to grab a bite).

By the time we got the last of our stuff to the hotel, checked in, settled in and all of that, it was well over midnight.  Nhien took the first shower shift and by the time I came out  she was out cold. 1 a.m. was the time I turned off my light.  Unlike Nhien, I had trouble falling asleep for a bit, but then the next thing I knew the phone was ringing.  It was 5 a.m. and we were up and at ’em.  What I just had was not a good night sleep but a really good 4-hour nap.

Not really enough sleep to get you through the day, but with a cup of coffee and some chocolate, a girl could get through the morning event, late morning wrap-up, lunch meeting, and throwing afternoon office party.

Suffice to say why I am incredibly sleepy right now but I shall not nap. It took me all these times to get over my jet lag. I’m not about to throw it all away!

But man, staying awake is really, really hard! Hahah!

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