Sugar for the medicine

Sugar #1

My cousin May and her partner Eva win the gold medal in the women’s doubles competition at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And then May went on and win a bronze in mixed double. Go, May!

Sugar #2

While searching for pictures and stories about May’s victory last night, I came across an AP photo credited to Nicky, the conquering UCI grad and May’s little brother. How about that?!

Sugar #3

The summary of our big event on Wednesday was positive. Everyone had a great time and not much of complaints on our end. Turnout was fantastic.


I talked to dad this morning and found out the story behind Aunty Sida’s cryptic email. My mom had a serious stomach ache on Monday which resulted in a massive panic among the aunties, as dad called it. They wanted him to book the temple, pick a picture, and find mom’s favorite clothes. Dad sounded pissed about that. As much of a realist as he is, you have to remember, my dad is also the King of Denial when he wants to be.

Much resistance and calls to doctors later, it turned out to be, well, nothing much but a belly ache. They don’t know why or how or what. But it has since gone away.

It is more difficult to treat my mom now that she doesn’t talk. You have to read her facial expressions and guess the symptoms to find out if something is wrong with her. She does cried out when something really hurts and she wants it to stop like how the nurses would try to lift her arm to change her cloths, or when the doctor presses on her stomach for tenderness.

And then the barrage of yes or no questions to be answered by the Star Trek system of blinking which mom may or may not reply to. But so far, when it comes to pain, she WILL respond.

Anyways. Dad says she’s doing better again. Nothing has changed except for the fact that she is sleeping more. I have to wait until closer to midnight here to call and say hello to her, hoping that she’s awake.

I can’t stay up until midnight tonight, but this is as late as I’m going to stay up.

So, off I go. See you guys later!

ETA: Got Kob the caregiver on the phone. She said to call mom in the morning their time, when I get home from work my time. Mom usually doses off in the afternoon with occasional second wind, but for sure, early AM works well. Apparently, dad doesn’t know nothing. Hahahahah!

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