Blueprint for a dream

I dreamed that I was in Las Vegas on a school trip. My room actually had an upright piano in it, apparently by the school’s request, and overlooking the Strip. As I was settling in for the night, someone knocked on my glass door.

I peered around the curtain, and there stood Fred and George Weasley.

They weren’t tired and apparently they were also piano student. They wanted to hang out in my room since I had the piano AND the view. Everyone else’s room was facing the other direction.

The next thing I knew, my room became a common room. Everyone was just hanging out.

And then outside my door, I saw the light went out and the emergency light came on. People were passing by the door in somewhat of a panic. My room didn’t seem to be affected at first but then the lights also went out.

I wandered over to the window and it was all dark outside. Buildings are dimly lit by the moon and emergency power. Black out in the entire Las Vegas. Wow.

The hanging out in my room with the Weasley twin and fellow students supposedly continued for another hour or two because with the power out, no one can get back into their rooms. Once the power came back, everyone went back out and suddenly it was morning and we had to pack up and leave.

Out of nowhere, my maid Pueng showed up to take my bags to the bus. I had one carry on and a backpack to re-pack so I told her I’d be right down. Suddenly I found myself packing my bag on the steps of on of the older classrooms at Mater Dei. Everyone was packing their stuff and getting ready to leave too. The Weasleys came by to try to get me to hurry up so I wouldn’t miss the bus.

The last thing I remembered of this dream is settling on to the back of the van, not a bus after all, with Fred and George and one other kid.

Gotta love my dreams, huh? 🙂

Well, at least it wasn’t too complicated to deconstruct the dream.

  1. Mazing Amy wrote about a black out in Malibu.
  2. I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix in IMAX 3D last night. I mean, how could you NOT have the images of the cutie pies Oliver and James Phelps plastered in your brain! Those boys left some impression.
  3. The piano. Duh.
  4. Las Vegas, now that one is a bit out from the left wing. I think it’s contributed to a few moments of Austin Powers on TV a few nights ago.
  5. Finally, this is something I talked with Brandon a few days ago. It seems that at least once a week, I would dream about Mater Dei, either the school ground and buildings themselves, all of my friends, and/or the concept of being back at Mater Dei. Hogwarts reminds me a lot of my school, so it was a natural choice.

Interesting huh?

Also, for those who have finished HP7, I’d recommend seeing HP5 once more, in IMAX 3D or otherwise.   Any Potter fans should see HP5 in IMAX 3D.  It’s only 3D for the final battle but oh my god is it worth your money!!  Nora’s sister Sara had already seen HP5 once and just finished the book as well.  She and I were nudging each other through the movies.  Once you read HP7, you definitely have a different appreciation for all the nuances in the movie.

For example…SPOILER GALORE below…

You see Hedwig at the beginning and you already miss her. You try to catch Tonks and Lupin’s reaction to each other, but it’s not really here just yet. I think you’ll have to wait for HP6 to see that blossom some more. But the most pleasant surprise is when Hermione, Harry, and Ron walked into Hog’s Head. You now know who the bartender is…and the significant of the goat! You also get to see Neville progress on the path to become a hero. And Snape’s bit of memory that we thought we knew what it means but in actuality it holds an entirely different meaning. He didn’t remember being tortured by the 4-some but what he said to Lily at that moment that broke them apart.

You know, that kind of thing. :)  Oh, and on that note, Kuri discussed HP7 – spoilers a plenty.  Go read and even join in if you’d like.

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